Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wednesday Vent

So after canceling my 2nd date for last Saturday night and talking to my therapist about "reasonable expectations", I've still been playing around on Plenty of Fish, but emphasizing on the playing. This one guy kept asking for my number because he didn't check his POF email that often. I wasn't feeling it, but finally last night I gave in. Mistake. He seemed pushy via email, he's been really pushy via text. I'm going to have to investigate getting a 2nd phone number. He was trying to get me to commit to meeting him for drinks. I said that I was pretty booked up for the week and wasn't much for making plans far in advance. This is mostly true. He seemed disappointed. Yep, I already feel like I'm disappointing this guy and I've never met him. When I went to say goodnight last night, he said "ok I'll talk to you tomorrow". Um, ok. This morning at 7:20am, I got a good morning text. Which would be super cute, if we were dating. Just got a "hi" text. I spoke to my BFF this morning about it and decided to ignore until it went away, but I expect an angry text at some point. I know I should probably just be upfront with him and tell him I'm not interested anymore, but I don't exactly owe him anything. Also, I'm curious if I can correctly predict the angry blow off reaction. I think I need to be with someone easy going, if anyone at all, and definitely not an eager beaver easily disappointed guy.

I started to have a protein shake every morning again. Maybe it's the placebo effect, but I definitely feel better about life than I did last week. Having a night off from school and a night off from volunteering this week is helping. Can't wait to relax tonight. Maybe get a leg up on some homework like a nerd.

Fun story:
I ordered a silverware caddy on Amazon last week. By accident, I sent it to my BFF in VA who happens to have a birthday this week. Before I realized this, the package arrived at her house. Conversation that happened between BFF & Wife:

Wife: Hey did you order something because a packaged arrived today?
BFF: No I didn't.
Wife: Oh maybe it's a birthday present. I'm going to open it in case you're not supposed to open it yet.
Wife: Um...if this is a birthday present, somebody doesn't love you.

Fast forward a few hours later, I emailed them and reported the mix-up. All is well.

"Remember that time I got you a silverware caddy for your birthday?"

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