Wednesday, April 30, 2014


So I haven't written in a while. This semester was really crazy. I thought taking one class would be a breeze, but clearly I don't remember any classes being a breeze, not sure why I thought that would happen. Anyway, life got away from me, but I have an MBA!!! After Four years of classes, and even though I've been saying "I have most of an MBA" for the last several months, it doesn't quite feel real. I expect it won't hit me that I'm done with classes until September when I don't go back (I've been taking summers off). I haven't thought about T much since he showed up on in January, until this week. I never felt like he supported me going to business school and part of me wants to send him a picture of my diploma on Friday with my middle finger. I won't do it, but it would be satisfying to know that he knows how well I'm doing. I would say that the news will probably trickle back to him somehow, but I've really cut out all potential social connections. 

Last night, I had a dream that we had somehow gotten back together for a few months and I was trying to break up with him. I was sitting in my parents' dining room too, which was weird. He was trying to reject my break up and how I would miss him. I wouldn't even verbally respond, I just kept trying to run away. He isn't even worth arguing with in a dream! Crazy! Anyway, I'm so proud of myself for finishing my MBA, but so scared to pay off my loans. I think my online shopping days might have to end.....Wah wah.

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