Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Single and Not Fabulous

My friend and I (who is also single) share funny little online things to each other about being single. We are both battling our biological clocks to a degree but also busy being awesome full time. Last night; she sent me this article http://www.thedatereport.com/dating/advice/stop-telling-single-women-theyre-fabulous/

I read it this morning and it really struck me. I am single, that's ok. Part of me feels compelled to compensate for my lack of husband and children by being a superstar at work. I think a lot of that is cultural pressure: as a 31 year old single woman, shouldn't I be gunning for the executive suite? I want to have a well balanced fulfilled life and this article reminded me that it is ok to feel this way and to not be shackled to my marital status as a primary identifier. 

So here I am, single and awesome. 

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