Friday, June 13, 2014

Things That Only Happen to Me

I have a reoccurring theme with my twitter and facebook posts, as well as text messages to my sister, mother and friends: Things That Only Happen to Me and its sister category: Things That Only I Would Say. I thought I'd share some examples: 

Today's: "Mood of the afternoon compltely turned around by the bag of Jelly Belly's found in my purse. #thingsthatonlyhappentome" 

"I get PTSD flashbacks from drywall dust" #thingsonlyiwouldsay 

"I bought a sodastream because I saw one on sale in pink. Yes, Pink is why I finally pulled the trigger." 

"Tuesday: broke a mirror, learned the zip code in Bahrain, got a voicemail from a 3 year old asking for a in the life"

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